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Hi Positive thoughts!! I was shocked to about Patty's passing. She always told me she was 62 years. Oh well. When getting your first message, I looked on her Facebook and it appeared to me she died in Nov. 2013 (this year). So sad!! She will be missed by many. Hope you and your family are doing well. You are right, "Life is short"!! Lets keep in touch. Thanks!! sandra35
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positive thoughts   in reply to crystaldreams
Hello, good thanks. How are you doing? Have not heard from u in awhile.
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hi positive thoughts! how are you?
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positive thoughts   in reply to vickie1231
hi, Yes I do and I work with english style cucumbers. At one time I did work with flowers. Summer time it just gets hot but I enjoy working with the plants. Today have day off caught up on crop work but later will get busy when ready for picking. In a 2 week period I worked 121 hours Monday to Saturday. I also helped with packing too.
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See you work in a greenhouse. I worked in a greenhouse also. It was a wholesale greenhouse. That is real hard work. People would say it must be fun working with flowers. I did all around work a little of everything.
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Hello My name is Karen you feel like a nice person that someone could talk to. I do't know what to do. And i have so many problems in my family I really don't know what to do. Its like what have I done so bad for all this worry and hurt. I Pray so much I just don't no what else to say. nothing getting better and im going crazy.. Please tell me what to do. please I need a friensd now.
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annie46   in reply to positive thoughts
Yes!! He is but more when good ppl like you stand at the door and pray Good Work
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positive thoughts   in reply to annie46
Good Morning to you too. You are too my friend! We are followers of Jesus. He lives in us. This is the first time in a while since I have witnessed on this page God in Action. He is surely moving on this website. Thankyou Lord!
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annie46   in reply to positive thoughts
Good Morning positive thoughts you are so encouriging and you care for others
Love You In Christ
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positive thoughts   in reply to jesuswins
:) You are welcome and that is wonderful to hear.
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My daughter received your card thank you, she loved the souvenirs....:)
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how have you been doing. sorry about being so depressed on you. Thank you for everything, I turning my live over to God. I hope I find some answers somewhere.
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lizzysmommy31010   in reply to positive thoughts
I replied thank u
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positive thoughts   in reply to lizzysmommy31010
I sent you private message.
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Im in need of.xmas gifts for My daughter...she's in dire need of clothing... 4t-5t please help
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positive thoughts   in reply to crystaldreams
Hello, Am good thankyou :) How are things going with you now? Has your employer increased your hours yet?
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Hi how are you ?long time no see.
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totally stressed
hello positive thoughts. just realized your post. cant navigate here very well yet. takes me long amounts of time to adjust to changes. i'm glad you can still find the stength to be adament about finding something to cause that excersizing to the facial muscled parts of your body that helps you count to ten. a little easier. smiles are priceless. thier something money cant buy. not true ones anyway. star has me concerned. i can hardly stand my own situation. and hers sounds so much worse. ive never been a religous person. praying is only hoping they are anserwed to me. i choose to have continual positive thoughts. now where oh where did that come from. C-ya. ozzie gets in his cage on his own. and stays through the night now. his hatch date[birthday] is the 29th of july. hes a double digit this year. happy birthday Oswald.
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In Jesus I, with my wife and team, am working for Christian people who are away from the right path and struggling to make them true Christians through education and awareness. Would you like to join us please? I will wait for your kind reply.
Kind regards,
Akram Raza and team
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Hi there! my name is JayR and I'm new to this website and need someone that might can help me with how to get the best possible results on getting some immediate help! I'm just kinda reaching out right now
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