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lizzysmommy31010   in reply to positive thoughts
I replied thank u
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positive thoughts   in reply to lizzysmommy31010
I sent you private message.
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Im in need of.xmas gifts for My daughter...she's in dire need of clothing... 4t-5t please help
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positive thoughts   in reply to crystaldreams
Hello, Am good thankyou :) How are things going with you now? Has your employer increased your hours yet?
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Hi how are you ?long time no see.
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totally stressed
hello positive thoughts. just realized your post. cant navigate here very well yet. takes me long amounts of time to adjust to changes. i'm glad you can still find the stength to be adament about finding something to cause that excersizing to the facial muscled parts of your body that helps you count to ten. a little easier. smiles are priceless. thier something money cant buy. not true ones anyway. star has me concerned. i can hardly stand my own situation. and hers sounds so much worse. ive never been a religous person. praying is only hoping they are anserwed to me. i choose to have continual positive thoughts. now where oh where did that come from. C-ya. ozzie gets in his cage on his own. and stays through the night now. his hatch date[birthday] is the 29th of july. hes a double digit this year. happy birthday Oswald.
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In Jesus I, with my wife and team, am working for Christian people who are away from the right path and struggling to make them true Christians through education and awareness. Would you like to join us please? I will wait for your kind reply.
Kind regards,
Akram Raza and team
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Hi there! my name is JayR and I'm new to this website and need someone that might can help me with how to get the best possible results on getting some immediate help! I'm just kinda reaching out right now
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When you make a new post, go to your homepage to do it. That way, you won't lose track of it. Hope this helps.
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Bee's Knees
 in response to positive thoughts...   Right back at you, you sweet, sweet thing!
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positive thoughts
 in response to Bee's Knees...   Hello, Thankyou so much for the prayer that is so kind and sweet of you. I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers daily. I am soooooo blessed. Aidpage has been a huge blessing to me. An extra blessing since you are back. I wish you and your family a Merry Merry Christmas as well.
Huge hug and love to you and your family! :)
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Bee's Knees
Hello to you, Sweet PT! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best! I just said a prayer for you. Merry Merry Christmas to you!
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 in response to patches345...   If one does not get the help they need here, I'm sure they will continue to search on. I certainly hope they get the help they seek.
Advise can be good at times. It can point one in the right direction or give them an idea. And, we know all it takes is 'one good idea' to turn a life around. Many businesses started with just one idea.
Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone giving money out. I wish I did know. If you hear of someone doing this, please let me know.

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lots of people on here are not looking for advise there looking for financial help some of them got laid off after working 20 to 40 years.some people on here will consider advise useless.this aidpage may be meant for giving advise but some of these people don't need someone giving them advise.
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Hello, I am Akram Raza.I, alongwith my team,am working in the name of Jesus.We are serving different programs with limited sources.Our nature of service is quite different .Our aim is to have prosperous and dignified christian generation. 1. To arrange English courses to build a good Christian community. 2. To arrange Sunday schools. 3. Motivation and inspiring classes for the youngs to make their behaviour according to the time 4. To provide facilities to the deprived. 5. To help communities by providing their basic needs. 6 Arrange trainings, seminars and skill programs for women. 6. To provide health care facilities. 7. To improve the living condition of the people specially the women and children We wish to arrange such missions now, 1. To arrange refresher courses for pastors and evangelists. 2. To arrange a library providing all sorts of knowledge and jobs infrmation 3. Christmas programs 4. Musical religious Choir trainings Our activities are able Our activities are able to make the people couragious aslo so that they may apply their talent in a right way and in a good time.We are optimistic for the growth of christian people so that they may face the challenges of life living in the developing country. As people are becoming pessimistic and their only aim is to earn money by unfair means .So to divert their attention is necessary to establish such projects.As all such programs and missions always need financial support for the improvement. Such programs will pave the way for thousands of the people to improve their standared after learning.Our object is to unlock the talent of Christian people who are not supported morally and spirtually also. Your help and support is of great importance as we ,alongwith your kind cooperation, are going to save the people of Jesus providing right opportunity to grow.It is the time when we should come forward to have a hand and pick the deserted fellows up. I hope that you will consider my request and respond us as soon as possible.There are a lot of prayers for this mission. As we are a team working in the name of Jesus leading different missions in limited sources so such missions will rightly help us to see our dreams into reality.I will wait for your positive response. In Jesus, Akram Raza and Team Contact. 00923007239116 House no.925 street no. 6/7 main Warispura Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan
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positive thoughts
 in response to Schmidty...   :) Thankyou Things with me are going well. Have another day off tomorrow but need rest LoL. Oh talk to doctor about that medication and he did give hubby some samples. We don't have drug plan so doctor gives his high blood pressure pills for free. Doctor told him though with that one medication take only when absolutely neccessary cause he said side effect can damage kidney's. So he didn't get too many. His pain level seems to get bad during weather changes.

How are you doing?
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Thought I would drop by to see how you are doing. Hope things are well.
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I am sorry but I dont know if this website works but I have a family of 4 and we need help with a place to live and food and other things will you please tell me how this website works.
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